Rapid Floor Systems Underlayments Build a Better Floor

Keeping the Noise in its Place

Keeping noise in its place is especially important in residential as well as commercial projects. Rapid Floor Systems underlayments control sound transmission between rooms and between floors, so occupants enjoy greater peace, quiet and privacy. Rapid Floor Systems underlayments fill cracks in the subfloor and seal perimeter joints, significantly reducing sound leaks. Their high density and monolithic application stiffen the floor, virtually eliminating squeaky floors and nail pops so prevalent in wood frame assemblies. Independent sound test results on a wide range of floor and ceiling assemblies are listed in the Sound Ratings table on this screen.

Enhancing Fire Safety

Wherever Rapid Floor® Systems underlayments flow into place - over plywood, into cracks, under walls - they create a flame barrier between wood and other flammable materials, retarding the spread of flame and smoke. Over precast concrete, they can increase the UL rating by two hours.

In testing by Underwriters Laboratories, Rapid Floor Systems underlayments were rated 0 for flame spread, fuel contribution and smoke density.

A Smooth, New Surface = Fast!

In practically no time at all, Rapid Floor Systems can transform even rough, uneven and warped surfaces into smooth, flat floors ready for any specified floor goods - carpeting, vinyl, wood parquet or ceramic tile.

The time savings start with high-volume application equipment that can pump 1000 to 30,000 square feet (93 m² - 2787 m²) in one workday. Next, Rapid Floor Systems underlayments set fast, so other subtrades can stay on schedule. The surface can be walked on within 90 minutes after pouring, although it is common practice to allow the underlayment to set overnight before resuming full traffic. By the very next morning, other trades can go about their work without costly delays.

Code Listings

Rapid Floor® Systems products have undergone various reviews to ensure compliance with building codes. Refer to the following evaluation reports for specific code compliance.

ICC-ESR Report No. 2540

HUD Materials Release No. 1286b
City of New York
City of Los Angeles RR 25186


Rapid Floor® Systems underlayments are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects as defined in this warranty. Manufacturing defects are considered to be those defects that occur due to the quality of the underlayment ingredients or from the manufacturing process itself. This warranty does not include labor costs and other costs or expenses associated with the removal or installation of any underlayment. Because Maxxon® Corporation does not install the underlayment, it cannot be held responsible for the results of the application. Maxxon® Corporation specifically disclaims problems that occur due to weather conditions, structural movement, structural design flaws and application techniques. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including the warranty of merchantability and fitness of purpose and of all other obligations or liabilities on Maxxon® Corporation's part. Maxxon® Corporation neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for Maxxon® Corporation, any liability with the sale and installation of any of its floor underlayments.
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