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Acousti-Mat® LP Sweets

Acousti-Mat® LP is a unique blend of polymeric fibers of various shapes and sizes. The blend of these fibers is a proprietary mix designed to provide excellent reductions in sound transmission and sound reflection. The mat is bound together through a blend of polymer adhesives, which provide a tough durable mat with water repellant features.

The Acousti-Mat® LP system can meet the 50 IIC sound control rating required by the International Building Code, before any floor goods are installed. The Acousti-Mat® LP is attached to the concrete subfloor, then topped with a Maxxon Underlayment. The Acousti-Mat LP is permanently encased in the underlayment, so when the floor goods are changed, the sound control system remains intact.

Code Listings:

  • ESR-2540
  • UL ER 8477-01
  • ESR-1153
  • ESR-1141
  • ESR-1774
  • HUD951i
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified


Acoutsi-Mat Acoutsi-Mat GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality
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