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Acousti-Mat® LPR Sweets

Acousti-Mat® LPR is an entangled mesh attached to a unique blend of polymeric fibers of various shapes and sizes. The blend of these fibers is a proprietary mix designed to provide excellent reductions in sound transmission and sound reflection. The mat is bound together through a blend of polymer adhesives, which provide a tough durable mat with water repellant features.

Acousti-Mat LPR can be attached to a concrete subfloor, then topped with a gysum or self-leveling underlayment. The Acousti-Mat LPR is permanently encased in the underlayment, so when the floor goods are changed, the sound control system remains intact. With this application, the Acousti-Mat LPR system can meet the 50 IIC sound control rating required by the International Building Code before any floor goods are installed.

To achieve the popular "loft look" without sacrificing sound control, look to Level-Right Maxx as a topping over Acousti-Mat LPR for the answer. Acousti-Mat LPR's entangled polymeric filaments offers the reinforcement necessary for high-strength Maxx or self-leveling underlayments.

Code Listings:

  • ESR-2540
  • UL ER 8477-01
  • ESR-1153
  • ESR-1141
  • ESR-1774
  • HUD951i
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Acoutsi-Mat LPR Acoutsi-Mat LPR

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