Project Spotlight

Fort Stewart 5th IBCT Barracks


Ft. Stewart, GA

General Contractor:

Archer Western Contractors

Rapid Floor Applicator:

Floor Crete Enterprises, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida


1 1/2" Rapid Floor High-Strength Underlayment – 3,500 PSI over 0.25" Acousti-Mat 1/4

To help soldiers in the 5th Infantry Brigade Combat Team sleep soundly in their new barracks at Fort Stewart, Floor Crete Enterprises installed Maxxon’s
Acousti-Mat 1/4 sound control mat and topped it with a 1-1/2” average depth of Rapid Floor High-Strength Underlayment at 3500 psi. This combination helped to achieve the Army Corps of Engineers specified sound ratings of 55 IIC and 52 STC, while also meeting the corresponding UL Fire Design for corrugated steel deck.

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