Project Spotlight

Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy


Chicago, IL

General Contractor:

McShane Construction, Rosemont, IL

Rapid Floor Applicator:

Alliance Specialty Trades, Romeoville, IL


15,400 sq. ft. of Maxxon DPM (Damp Proof Membrane)
77,280 sq. ft. of Rapid Floor Ultra poured at 2" over 4-6" Holey Board

The Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy is a new secondary school located in a renovated timber frame building. In order to ensure that the finished floor goods would not delaminate in areas that contained a concrete slab on grade, Maxxon DPM was applied prior to installation of the Rapid Floor Ultra. Rapid Floor Ultra leveled the floors, while also helping to contribute points toward the project’s LEED®‐Silver certification.

Insituto Health Sciences Career Academy
Rapid Floor UltraMaxxon DPM
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